Why We Are So Good at It

ICU Employs Only the Best! ICU prides itself on having the ability to employ only the most professional and experienced investigators and staff. ICU Staff Investigators have lucratively aligned themselves with legal organizations and law enforcement. We have created allies and forged relationships with all parties necessary to complete a full and successful investigation.

We have established ourselves as a Trustworthy investigation agency.
Our proven success rate has earned us the trust of business and corporations large and small, insurance agencies and individuals in the private throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

We are fully qualified to identify and locate witnesses, verify their credibility and obtain statements. We perform covert undercover investigations which include video, photo, and audio surveillance, collecting and maintaining critical evidence and ensuring its integrity and chain of evidence. ICU has a high success rate of ensuring evidence admissibility and testimonies that win cases!

Our constant investment in technology, Equipment and Experienced Investigators allows us to efficiently research, investigate and conclude your case. We have full access to all aspects of resources that allows us to perform background exploration before conducting a physical investigation. This proactive approach saves valuable time and provides the tools needed to perform an effective and successful investigation.

ICU maintains complete Confidentiality and Professionalism. The investigator assigned to your case will work with you one-on-one to communicate its progress while providing you with timely verbal communications and written development reports. You can be assured that an ICU investigator will be accessible by you and always provide you with a superior investigation.

Many Satisfied Clients

Boston Police & Fire

Housing Opportunities Corp.

Metropolitan Insurance Co.

Duxbury Police

State of Rhode Island

Hanover Insurance


"ICU was thorough, providing sensitive information in a discrete businesslike manner"


-Capt. Thomas Dowd
Commander, Identification Unit
Boston Police Department